MicroGDS Viewer

Our free MicroGDS viewer lets you view, navigate, and print MicroGDS drawings stored in MAN files and CV7 files.

MicroGDS Viewer is most useful if you need to view or print MicroGDS graphical data, but don't have MicroGDS installed.


Please download the installer for your version of Windows, 32-bit or 64-bit (which version do I have?)

MicroGDS 11.3 Viewer (32-bit)

MicroGDS 11.3 Viewer (64-bit)

New at 11.3

The warnings shown in MicroGDS itself as "yellow shriek" messages now appear in the MicroGDS Viewer.

The 32-bit version of the Viewer no longer allows itself to be installed on 64-bit Windows, where it does not work. (You needed the 64-bit Viewer installation for this.)

Fixed a mistake in the Print dialog for the Viewer which prevented it printing on 64-bit Windows.


Files created by a version of MicroGDS before v6.0 must be upgraded first. The MicroGDS Data Upgrade installer includes programs to upgrade MAN files from V3 to V4, V4 to V5, V5 to V5.1 from V5.1 to V6. Make a copy of the original file before upgrading it.

For further advice, contact us at support@microgds.co.uk

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